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Water Monitoring

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Digiflow 8000 Gallon Water Flow Meter

Digiflow 8000 Gallon Water Flow Meter measures 8,000 Gallons of water flow to help you know when to change your water filter. The meter measures gallons, number of days, and flow rate. The suggested placement of the flow meter is to measure water that is purified or filtered.
In order to install the flowmeter onto your tubing, a 3/8" MNPT connector is needed. It also includes 2 AAA batteries. To mount the flow meter on a wall, cabinet, or another part of your water filtration system, a mounting Velcro is included. The operating temperature ranges between 40-104 deg. F and the operating pressure ranegs between 7-98 psi.
Digiflow 8000t - Real Time Digital Flow Meter and Digiflow 6000r - Multiple Filter Digital Flow Meter are the similar products. Learn More

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Liquatec PM-3000 TDS Pocket Meter

Liquatec PM-3000 TDS Pocket Meter comes with a plastic carrying case for easy transport and safe storage. It measures total dissolved solids in water from 1 to 2,999 ppm. With its extended range of 1-2,999 ppm, the Liquatec PM-3000 meter can work with most any well water application with out the need of two different meters. The PM-3000 auto shut-off function shuts the meter off automatically after 15 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.

Obtain reliable and accurate measurements of your water source with the PM-3000. It is ideal for water treatment as well as other industrial and commercial application. This model is lightweight and simple to operate. The meter display is a large and easy-to-read LCD screen. The Liquatec Total Dissolved Solids Meter can be used in the following applications such as water purification, reverse osmosis, distillation, de-ionization, pool and spa maintenance, aquariums, plating industry, cooling towers and boilers, and photographic labs.

Test your incoming water supply and the treated water to determine how much Total Dissolved Solids are being removed from the water. At least 80% of the TDS in your water should be removed. If the TDS rejection is less than 80%, it is time to change your RO membrane. The Liquatec PM-3000 TDS Meter is factory calibrated so recalibration is not necessary for initial testing. Recalibration can be done easily with a watch screwdriver. Recalibration instructions are included with the TDS Meter.

The EPA Secondary Regulations recommend a maximum contamination level (MCL) of 500mg/liter (500 parts per million (ppm)) for Total Dissolved Solids. Many water supplies exceed this TDS level. When TDS levels exceed 1000mg/L it is usually considered unfit for human use. After reverse osmosis, distillation, deionization, microfiltration, the TDS level should be less than 50 ppm.

To calibrate, first remove the top cap from the probe and dip the PM-3000 into the calibrating solution. Obtain a reading as described in the above instructions for operation.
Insert a small screwdriver into the calibration hole and adjust the display to read 130. Finally rinse with distilled water and dry.

The Liquatec PM-3000 comes with a battery. Change the battery when the LCD becomes dim. Always rinse the TDS meter with distilled water and dry after each test. To turn off the meter manually, press the button for approximately 3 seconds.
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Reverse Osmosis System Inline Digital TDS Monitor

Reverse Osmosis System Inline Digital TDS Monitor comes in two different inlet/outlet sizes: 1/4" or 3/8". Selection should be done based on the size of your reverse osmosis tubing.

The Before & After TDS Monitor measures total dissolved solids in the water before and after going through the RO membrane of the reverse osmosis system. It features easy to use quick connect fittings for installation on a 1/4" or 3/8" line. Simply cut the tubing before and after the reverse osmosis system and insert the tubing into the inline TDS meter to start monitoring the total dissolved solids in the water.

Its generic design fits all systems with 1/4" line or 3/8" line. It includes mounting clips. Also, it features mounting Velcro to mount the flow meter on a wall, cabinet, or another part of your water filtration system. Its storage temperature is 20 to 80 degrees Celsius and the operating temperature is 10 to 40 degrees Celsius.
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Pressure Gauge 0-100 PSI with 1/4" lower mount

The Pressure Gauge 0-100 PSI with 1/4" lower mount designed for applications such as Reverse Osmosis, Oil Refining, Chemical, Food Processing plants, Water Treatment, and more. The high quality Liquatec pressure gauges help determine when to change your filters. There is a 1/4" NPT stem at the bottom of the gauge for hookup to your water filtration system. The pressure gauges have easy-to-read two-tone dials printed in bold UV resistant ink for ease of legibility even after extensive exposure to direct sunlight. There is a special synthetic fluid inside the liquid filled pressure gauges. The liquid is UV resistant and will not fade in the sunlight. Every gauge is tested for accuracy and leakage.

The Casings are made of Brass, 304 SS, and 316 SS; and the Internals are Brass and 316 SS. The Stems are Chrome Plated Brass, 304 SS, or 316 SS; and the Face is White Aluminum, Black and Blue Print. Lens used is Clear Acrylic. The Pointer is Aluminum, Black and the Fluid used is UV Resistant Synthetic Silicone. The Temperature Rating of the device is 0°F (-18°C) TO 140°F (60°C). Use the Liquatec PGB25100L PSI Pressure Gauge with any whole house water filtration system. It can also be used with any reverse osmosis system.

For installation, attach a T-fitting to your existing plumbing so there is an extra pipe extension available. The extension should be a quarter inch diameter fitting. The lower mount pressure gauge fits onto this pipe extension, measuring the water pressure at that point. Depending on your application, you may choose to add multiple pressure gauges in this manner. For example, you might put a pressure gauge before and after a water filter housing to find the pressure drop across the housing. This can be useful in determining whether the filter in the housing needs to be changed. When there is excessive pressure drop (see specs for each filter) across a filter, then you will know that it needs to be changed.
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