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Hard Water Wizard

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, Hard Water Wizard

If you live within Los Angeles county, you can qualify for up to $150 Rebate, if you use the Hard Water Wizard. Learn More

An alternative to water softenersThe HardWaterWizardElectronic water conditioner
  • Changes the hard water molecules to soft crystals
  • Treated water feels silky smooth
  • Removes existing scale
  • Set it and forget it operation
The HardWaterWiazard produces an oscillating electric field in the water pipe which changes continuously in frequency and direction. This changes the property of the hardness minerals so they stay in the solution.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy to install
  • No plumbing or special skills needed
  • No maintenance-set it and forget it
  • Safe-low voltage, low power
  • Takes very little space
  • Wrap the signal cable and plug converter into 110 volt outlet
  • Treats hardness up to 120 grains
  • No salt or chemicals needed
  • Water lathers and rinses easily
  • Prevents scale formation
  • Reduces detergent use
  • Increases water heater efficiency
  • Removes existing scale in 90 days
  • Won't clog shower heads, coffee pots, dishwashers

Try the Hard Water Wizard for 90 days and if your not completely satisfied, send it back for a full refund.

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