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An indoor or evaporated coil is a piece of equipment in a heat pump or overall air conditioning system that is useful in sending cold air all through the duct work located in your home. It is an imperative part of any cooling and heat pump system. Since evaporator coils are particularly beneficial in absorbing heat when air is passed through their system, usually it is found in an air conditioner.

Evaporator coils look similar to a series of pipes. As indoor air passes throughout the coil, humidity is removed that creates 'cooler' indoor air. Generally, they come in different forms such as cased, uncased, horizontal cased, and horizontal slab.

Cased evaporator coils come with a protective outer shell and are one of the most commonly used models in North American homes. Usually, they are covered by a metal case. As the name suggests, uncased evaporator coils are not covered by a case. It is used for furnaces, heat pumps, or air conditioning units which are positioned in either a vertical (standing upright) position or horizontal (lying on their side) position.

In the case of horizontal cased evaporated coil, it is used for furnaces, air conditioning units or heat pumps which are placed horizontally (lying on their side). Horizontal slab evaporator coil is used for furnaces lying in its sided position to manage the flow of air in horizontal direction. It improves the efficiency and cooling power of your air conditioning system.

For achieving maximum results from your heat pump, furnace, or air conditioner, installing the right indoor or evaporator coil for your appliance is very essential. Thus you will get the highest performance and comfort from your heat pump or central air conditioning system. For best performance, it is suggested that you install an Hvac Direct brand coil with an Hvac Direct brand air conditioner or heat pump system. Features like corrosion resistant coil plating denote you can be sure of problem-free and long-lasting performance. The physical dimensions of these coils are calculated to fit properly with your exact furnace for which they are made.

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